Spirit Quartz Necklace, Fairy Quartz, Spiritual Jewelry, Crystal Necklace, Spirit Quartz, Cactus Qua

Beautiful Natural Raw Amethyst Spirit Quartz Necklace. The crystal is dipped in 18K gold on an 18" 24K gold plated necklace chain.You will receive the exact Spirit Quartz you see in photo description. Also referred to as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz, it is found only near Boekenhouthoek South Africa (NOT the Magaliesberg Mountain as is often mistakenly claimed), first appearing around 1999. Most Spirit Quartz is Amethyst, though Citrine, Smokey,Yellow, Ametrine and White Quartz are also mined.☆The Spirit Quartz is a stone that can give you purification, protection, and spiritual evolution. It also has the ability to connect you to the spirit realm. It can uplift your soul and radiate strong vibrations and energies in all directions. It's also a stone that will bring about your spiritual evolution.☆Spirit Quartz is a crystal that helps bring peaceful harmony. This stone is great for physical healing and increasing energy levels. It also cleanses and clears any blockages in the aura. It is also a useful tool for meditation, spiritual work and working with Reiki Energy. ☆Spirit Quartz is a crystal of Harmony and Alignment. It takes all the crystal energies of the main stone and amplifies them over and over again in all the tiny points, each reflecting light back and forth to one another ☆This crystal brings harmonious energies into the home, but also the garden – after all, it is also known as Cactus Quartz.It will send out nourishing vibrations into the garden, which can help if you grow your own produce too – those leafy greens you serve up from your allotment will seem extra energizing and nutritious☆If you always feel stressed, always keep a Spirit Quartz in your pocket or wear to dispel all your fears, anxieties, and worries.☆It will make you spend less time on the mundane things. You will have more lightbulb moments, too